How I Made $58,000 While On Maternity Leave: A Q4 Income Report

January 28, 2019

Kate Kordsmeier

Income Reports


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  1. Sarah Newman says:

    I’m so happy for you that you got to take the maternity leave you wanted and that it went even better than you could have imagined!! <3

  2. Kristina says:

    I was so happy to click on your site and see a new income report that I had to pause everything and make myself an espresso.

    This is very inspiring Kate and really solidifies my own thoughts around focusing on passive income first and also serve, serve, serving my audience. I would love to hear more about your email marketing strategy in a future featured question. I follow along and take note of how often you send out emails, and how to implement those strategies for my own list but I feel like I’m emailing them too much even just twice a week! Any insight into your system would be helpful, I geek out on segmenting and analytics so this is a big interest area.

    Thanks again!

    • LOL!! Wow, thank you for being so interested in these reports! 🙂 We email 3 times a week (sometimes 4!) so definitely don’t hesitate with two emails/week. As long as readers know what to expect (i.e. you tell them up front how often you’ll email), it’s totally fine and they can just unsubscibe if they don’t like it (in which case they’re not your ideal readers anyway!). We can definitely talk more about email marketing strategies in a future post. Thanks for the question, and we’ll be getting back to monthly income reports this year!

  3. Jade says:

    Thank you Kate for being so transparent. You are such an inspiration to us working moms who would love to work for ourselves and spend more precious time with our families. 

    I would love to hear more about beautycounter and possibly become a consultant. Their story resonates with me as I’ve been searching for cleaner beauty products. 

    Thank You!

  4. This is so inspiring! It’s so helpful to see how it’s very possible to make money at something you truly love while being able to mom full-time. Thank you so much for posting this to help others. Your little bundle is absolutely adorable! How wonderful it is to be able to spend this precious time together.

  5. This is such a fantastic post Kate, and so inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing. As someone who dreams of escaping the standard 9 to 5, it’s so motivating to see people like yourself who are doing so well and are willing to share your learnings. I hope that one day I will be in a situation where I can do the same.

    • If I can do it, you can do it, Jen! Really happy you’ve found this inspirational – that’s exactly my hope in sharing all this. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you with your goals!

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