My 2018 August Monthly Income Report: $15,753.29

September 5, 2018

Kate Kordsmeier

Blogging, Income Reports


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  1. Sarah Newman says:

    A big congrats on meeting your income goal, getting an AMAZING hourly rate and being all prepped for maternity leave! So happy for you across the board 😀

  2. Holly says:

    Thanks for sharing your information– your commitment to your growing family and to your business is inspiring. Wishing you all the best in the coming weeks! What an exciting time for you!

  3. Deanna says:

    I heard you on Dishing with delish, and you’re really great! The info on your site is very useful and applicable in a way I have not seen before. Best of luck with your maternity leave and new baby!

  4. Thank you for another fascinating income report! I’m curious to know what you are doing for Pinterest promotion now that Boardbooster has gone under. Did you switch to Tailwind? Do you have an admin help? I love my Pinterest traffic and am always looking for ways to grow it – but it takes quite a bit of time and effort!

    • Great question! I always used Tailwind in conjunction with Board Booster, so just went back to Tailwind alone and actually, my traffic didn’t go down which was a relief! Yes, my assistant handles Pinterest but honestly we could put more time into it, we just do the bare minimum right now. We actually just started today with experimenting with paid traffic with Pinterest so will report back on that later!

  5. Kimberlee Ho says:

    First of all, congrats on your baby and best, best wishes!! Secondly, congrats on your best month yet! Your income reports are super transparent and meaningful for people like me who are looking for ways to grow and focus. And, most importantly, thank you for being so generous in sharing your knowledge with others! People like you make me want to also be more generous in sharing, so thank you for being a role model in that regard. Keep up the amazing work and content!

  6. One of the most authentic and inspiring posts I have read in months! As far as your recent experiment with paid traffic on Pinterest… that was another smart business decision. I am just starting out and I searched “health” on Pinterest to see who to follow and you were on the first page. I followed you and came here and now hopefully I don’t stay up all night reading all your stuff LOL.  
    Thanks for the post, congrats on the mini, and keep up the good work xo

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks for sharing this is really inspiring for anyone starting a blog.

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