My May 2018 Monthly Income Report: $13,143.92

June 10, 2018

Kate Kordsmeier

Blogging, Income Reports


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  1. Sarah Newman says:

    Congrats on earning above your goal this month–that’s amazing and I’m so happy for you!! Love the working smarter not harder strategy. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Didi says:

    That’s just awesome and truly inspiring. I can’t wait to be there eventually. I’m a nurse who’s recently decided to blog too, on what passionates me the most: health…

    I really like the flow of your website: I truly think it is important to have an appealing site so that, when people actually reach it, they won’t be turned off by its complexity.

    As a new blogger, what would you recommend for me to have a better website flow?

    Also, do you have a resource available to increase one’s website traffic?

    And last question: how do you go about setting realistic and achievable goals on a monthly basis, especially when you started and had little to no income from your blog?

    Thank you for your time and for sharing this income report with us!

  3. Heidi Clark says:

    Thanks so much for posting your income report~ I have been wanting to start my own food blog for awhile & I actually heard you on Food Blogger Pro’s podcast. You stated that “ if other people can do it I can too.” I actually enrolled in Food Blogger Pro because of your encouraging words! So happy for you that Root +Revel is so successful!

  4. Thank you SO much for being transparent and posting all of this info! Super helpful. I do have a couple of questions: how did your audience respond/when did you start finding success in the early days of affiliate emails? I just started affiliate emails and so far haven’t had success, but not ready to give up. I truly believe in the product(s! Also, much time does your assistant spend reaching out to potential brands for sponsorships? (or do they come to you?) Thank you thank you thank you for your help!

    • Hey Christine! 🙂 Definitely don’t give up! I think an important thing is to give your audience the option to opt-out of your affiliate emails, but stay opted-in to the rest of your list. That way, the people who really don’t like it have an out, without sacrificing them as a reader who you can continue to give value to. That’s what we’ve done and I’ve only seen our income increase since we started doing dedicated promos back in March. Re: your question on sponsors, it really just depends. Right now we’re booked for the rest of the year, so she’s not spending any time reaching out to new sponsors. However, these days I’m open to a lot more trade than I used to be, especially with my baby boy on the way! So she’s been spending a few hours a month reaching out to maternity and baby brands for trade and we’ve had a lot of success there. Hope that helps!


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