My April 2018 Income Report: $8,276.08

May 6, 2018

Kate Kordsmeier

Blogging, Income Reports


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  1. Sarah Newman says:

    I always love these income reports! So insightful, and it’s great hearing about your goals for the month ahead. YAY to getting ahead and feeling supported for your maternity leave! <3

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing your income report but pls reply are u using any paid traffic like facebook ads for affiliate marketing. I am also promoting affiliate product but not converting into sales. Presently i am not using any paid traffic sources. Many people suggest me facebook ads method.
    Pls reply how you promote affiliate product because you are getting many sales…

    • Hi Ashok–No, I’ve never used paid ads for affiliate marketing. I think being authentic is the #1 most important thing, so would put that above any ‘tactic’ or strategy. Next week we’re publishing a detailed post about affiliate marketing, so hopefully you’ll get some tips from that to help you out. Good luck!


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