Beyond the Scroll: 4-Day Biz Blueprint

to Making More Money
Without Social Media

Achieve financial growth without the social media hamster wheel in just 4 days!


Digital Detox

Reclaim Your Time, Set the Tone. We'll take the bold step of deleting those energy-draining apps and lay down a manifesto to guide your tech detox, after choosing a powerful search platform. This isn’t about deprivation. It's about intention. It's about choice. Plus a special hack on what to do on Instagram instead of posting daily (or ever again!)


Simple SEO Success

You're not just in the business of doing business. Today, we'll design your SEO calendar, scout for some sizzling keywords, and gear up to rank and bank.


Non-Salesy Sales (aka Networking!)

Dive into the art of relationship marketing by networking, the Non-Slimy Way. Learn how to pitch, collaborate and increase your visibility, even if you’re an introvert!



Unlock the strategies, the mindset, and the exact steps to take your biz to the next level. We'll make sure you walk away with the confidence to chase your dreams without feeling chained to social media.

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Hi, I'm Kate—the girl who dared to bid adieu to the 'gram and made six figures doing what I love (with WAYYYY less stress!).

I've been running a completely social-media-free business for the past 2 years. I don’t post. I don’t scroll. And I’ve never been happier!

Ever felt chained to your phone, watching the 'likes' roll in but your soul's energy drain out? I've been where you are – lost in the dizzying maze of likes, shares, and retweets.

But guess what? I broke free, paved a new way, and my business soared. My mission? To empower you to do the same, with strategy, sustainability and soul.

No filters, just raw, real biz success on YOUR terms.

I believe in working from a place of rest, not hustle. And I'm here to share the secrets of making it big without sliding into DMs or stressing over story highlights.

This isn't just a blueprint. It's a battle cry. A rebellion against the old ways. And I'm inviting you to join the revolution.

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Ready for a challenge that doesn't involve 30 days of burpees or juice cleansing? Dive into our 4-day Beyond the Scroll challenge and leave with tools, strategies, and a renewed zest for your entrepreneurial journey!


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Day 01.

Digital Detox Boost

Detox your digital life, discover your real one.

📌 Learn how to unplug without FOMO because your life’s worth more than a swipe.
📌 Conduct a digital health check to audit what’s working and what isn’t.
📌 Commit to your new manifesto that guides your digital choices.
📌 Craft a kick-ass 9-grid IG bio - just because you’re not active doesn’t mean you can’t be attractive.
📌 Wave goodbye to digital overwhelm and say hello to purpose-driven work.

What You'll Learn:

Day 02.

Simple SEO Success

Reach your ideal clients when they’re ready to buy!

📌 Discover how SEO can be your secret weapon and harness the power of search engines
📌 Dive deep into finding the goldmine keywords for your niche- and emerge with at least 4 prime keywords tailored for your biz.
📌 Design an SEO-friendly editorial calendar that even Google would applaud (and will require 75% less time to create than social media posts)

What You'll Learn:

Day 03.

No Feeds, More Leads - Visibility

Go from feeling lost in the scroll, to nailing your biz goals

📌 Master the art of authentic networking and build relationships that matter.
📌 Pitch Perfect: Craft compelling pitches that open doors to new opportunities, a pitch so good, even you'd want to interview you!
📌 Identify 5 visibility opportunities – your voice deserves to be heard, sans algorithm!
📌 Strategize stellar collaborations that boost your brand without needing a viral dance move.

What You'll Learn:

Day 04.

Freedom Formula: Quit Social, Ignite Your Biz

You’ve got the skills, now make those bills.

📌 Understand the essence of holistic business – building an empire without burning out.
📌 How to get clients without a huge following.
📌 Learn the next steps to uplevel your business and plan for profits
📌 Go from feeling lost in the scroll, to being the CEO you always dreamt of being.

What You'll Learn:

With all of the success stories and from Kate's proof that this program works, I wanted to learn from the best of the best on how I can also achieve the same success with my blog. I love the [SEO Trainings]! She has been great in explaining SEO for any beginner. I have tried researching SEO on my own, but she has finally helped me solidify my understanding for SEO. From the training videos, I love her explanations and examples and always answering the questions viewers had.

Since I started working with Kate, I went from making $400/month to now around $2500/month with a) no social presence (I hate Instagram) and b) working a full-time job. It truly is the most comprehensive [program] I’ve taken (and trust me, I’ve taken A LOT of them). One of the main reasons I enjoy Kate’s teaching style is her focus on not just gaining traffic for traffic’s sake, but really putting value behind that traffic. I really enjoy Kate’s business-minded approach, which I feel like is missing in [this industry]. And I just landed a $30,000 contract YESTERDAY for something I would have been too scared to do [without Kate’s guidance].”

Tani Belliston,

Kristina Todini, NUTRITIONIST

Be part of the social-media-free revolution!

I passed 150,000 page views which I was not expecting at all. I also earned the most I have yet from my [blogging business], fully replacing my teaching income. 

delilah orpi,
Beauty Consultant and Literacy Specialist


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I miss a day?

A: Don't sweat it! All sessions will be sent out via email so you'll get the audios for you to access at your convenience! This 4-day challenge is self-paced and includes audio drops each day with exclusive trainings, homework, and practical takeaways!

Q: Do I need any special tools or software?

A: Just your commitment to doing things differently and perhaps a notebook. All other tools will be provided or are free.

Q: Is this for newbie business owners only?

A: This is for anyone who's tired of the social media grind and is ready for a fresh approach to business success.

Q: Is this just about hating on social media?

A: Not at all! It’s about choice, balance, and making the best use of our time to grow our businesses.

Q: Can I really see growth without social media?

A: Absolutely! With the right strategies in place, you can achieve even more than you did on social media.

Q: Is this challenge only for folks tired of social media?

A: Nope! It's for anyone eager to ramp up their business with techniques that don't demand hourly app check-ins.

Q: Do I need to be tech-savvy for the SEO part?

A: Not at all! If you can search for a cookie recipe or the latest cat meme, you can SEO. We got you!

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